Bali Trip Day 3 (Part 2) – Pan Pacific Nirvana Bali Resort, Tanah Lots, Naughty Nuri’s Warung & Kuta

Day 3

SEE: Taman Ayun – LUNCH: Pacung Restaurant – SEE: Bratan Lake, Bedugul -TEA: Pan Pacific Nirvana Bali Resort – SEE: Tanah Lots – DINNER: Naughty Nuri’s Warung – SHOP: Kuta

After visiting Bratan Lake, we hopped onto Mr Bagus’ Avanza and continued our journey to Tanah Lots for some shopping and sunset viewing. We reached there about 4 plus in the afternoon. Looking at the blazing hot sun, we changed our mind and decided to drop by a nearby resort – Pan Pacific Nirvana Bali Resort instead, for some relaxing moment while enjoying our tea.

Pan Pacific 1Influenced by contemporary Balinese décor, the setting of the resort is idyllic.

We ordered a set of English afternoon tea set at Sunset Lounge while enjoying the spectacular coast line and the surrounding award-winning golf course. The ocean temple of Tanah Lots can also be viewed from here!

Pan Pacific 2Our classic English tea set (USD 15) comprises of a pot of English tea, sandwiches with smoked salmon & cucumber, cream egg watercress, cheddar cheese & tomato; scones with double cream & strawberry jam English fruit cake, strawberry tart, lemon meringue pie and baked apple crumble.

Tanah Lots

Enough of some tranquility moments and with the sun setting soon, we proceeded with our original plan to Tanah Lots, one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali. The sea temple was built to worship the Balinese sea Gods.

Tanah Lots 1 copySitting on a large offshore rock, visitors can walk over to the temple during low tides.

Tanah Lots 3 copyWhen the tide is high, the temple looks like an old ship floating on the sea.

As one of the most visited places of interest in Bali, Tanah Lots is an area of highly commercialised. The carefully planned path leading to the temple is full of souvenir shops. Always remember to bargain when you’re shopping in Bali!

If you fancy a romantic dinner, there are restaurants at the mainland cliff top with open-air setting.

Naughty Nuri’s Warung

We left Tanah Lots as the sunset and dropped by Naughty Nuri’s Warung for dinner. This place is famous for its pork ribs. We did not have the chance to try any other pork ribs in Bali but would definitely rate the pork ribs here very highly.

Naghty Nuri 3Upon entrance, we came across this colourful pig decoration which we found it to be very cute.
Naghty Nuri 2 copyWe order a full slab of pork ribs with some wedges to compliment with the meat. The pork ribs were bursting with favour and grilled to perfection. The meat was so tender that it can be easily pulled off from the bone while the outer layer was super tasty!

Naghty Nuri 1 copyThe cafe mimics a Balinese style warung which was built with wooden shack, completed with dimmed light, posters and framed photos all over the wall in the Warung. It is such a lovely place to dine in! Will definitely come here again in the future if we happened to visit Bali again!


With a full stomach, we headed down to the busy area of Kuta to explore around before we called it a day.

5. Kuta copyThe Ground Zero Monument to commemorate the victims of Bali bomb tragedy happened in 2002.

6. Kuta copy

7. Kuta copy

8. Kuta copy

9. Kuta copy

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